IJsselmeer crabs to enter the Chinese market Chinese mitten crab, a hundred ye
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Late autumn in September when the cool breeze, the start of the supply of crabs, juicy delicious crabs would have "crawl" on people's dinner table, entertain family and friends become an essential food, until the end of December. Recently, a large Gate crab stores ushered in the packaged "returnees" crabs - crabs IJsselmeer. It is reported that the first batch of crabs IJsselmeer samples was Oct. 9 to enter the Chinese market, on sale in and around Nanjing. "Illegal" overseas Chinese mitten crab pure genetic back centuries Crab has long been a popular dining cuisine, the Chinese people eat crabs also have thousands of years. However, in recent years, experts say, pure gene crabs have been rare sight in China. According to the Shanghai Fisheries University Aquaculture experts, from the 90s of last century, crab culture in China to develop the Yangtze River where the crabs were once caught in an instant. Driven by the interests of the people from the Liaohe River and Ou River system attracted crabs breeding, so that Was the original pure crab and "Liao crab", "Ou crab" hybrid, serious damage to the crab's germplasm. But the real pure Chinese mitten crab (commonly known as crabs) is a hundred years ago "illegal" to Europe. Hundred years ago, as a treaty port, Shanghai Wusong mouth full of merchant ships of various countries, the merchant to purchase Chinese tea, silk, etc. back home, in order to increase the stability of ship, cargo ship's storage tanks to be filled in Ballast water, the first crabs to the water as ballast into the ocean freighter. Across the oceans to Europe, due to the broad Rhine river water did not, have the water storage tank ship ballast water discharge, so that the hull floating, Ease of navigation. Crab to take this opportunity to enter the Rhine, the Thames to settle down. The Chinese mitten crab is a crab, commonly known as crabs. The next three years, the rapid spread of crabs in northern Europe, the Netherlands, Belgium, In France over the river, traces of it have emerged. 2001, Wang Wu Shanghai Fisheries University, Professor Cheng Yongxu visited the Netherlands, where the crabs investigating germ-line, they pleasantly surprised to find, because no other freshwater lake crab, crabs only mate within their own race, in excellent Good environment to maintain a very pure "Chinese hairy" quality. China also retains the perfect crab "green back, white belly, paws, Rattus" feature. In 2010, Esther Lake Trading Co., Ltd. Nanjing, local businesses and the Netherlands, co-introduced from the Netherlands Esther Lake hairy crabs to China, the first batch of 200 kg sample has arrived in Shanghai on Oct. 9 and completed airport customs clearance Customs and commodity inspection procedures, and successfully arrived in Nanjing. Expected first in Nanjing and the surrounding markets. Wild-caught crabs environmental health IJsselmeer "Returnees" IJsselmeer crabs produced in the beautiful scenery and pleasant weather of the waters 荷兰艾瑟尔 lake. IJsselmeer 1,100 square kilometers of pristine waters of the lake's average depth of 5-6 meters, the shallow end of a hard, water plants Lush, low water temperature, micro-rich, providing a lot of food for the crabs, with zero pollution, water clear as a mirror sun, so that crabs generally large, fleshy solid rich, sweet and delicious, full cream Huang Xiang. IJsselmeer all wild-caught crabs, not artificial feeding, thus avoiding the breeding process to the chemical may involve damage to the catch of crabs are more pure health, consumers are safe for human consumption. Home Nanjing Drum Tower Luotai Tai said to live "The big crabs, watching the relatively clean, smooth and shiny, buy to eat is also assured. You look at the boxes, but also close to the green pass sign." It is reported that exports of the Netherlands Fisheries Product safety very seriously, crab in the box before playing, the local health and quarantine departments have specialized personnel to inspect and issue health certificates and affixed in each case the green mark. Esther Lake Trading Co., Ltd. Nanjing, said the first batch of 200 kg of samples arrived in Nanjing after he had been invited to five-star hotel chef, Nanjing, Gaochun professional crab farming and the community sample, we head for the crab, Appearance, meat, etc., were given the same high praise. Mr. Zhang said in a five-star hotel chef, "In contrast, IJsselmeer crabs taste more delicious, so cooked is a very attractive red, I think guests will Prefer. " It is learned that wild-caught, crabs IJsselmeer limited production is expected to supply 500-1,000 kg per day. Crabs in September and the Mainland market to 12 months of the traditional supply of different IJsselmeer crabs supply of a Continued until the arrival in April. IJsselmeer crabs enter the Chinese market, so perfect to keep the Chinese mitten crab, crabs authentic gene finally "crawl" back to the motherland table. Esther Lake of Nanjing Co., Ltd. Esther Lake Trading Co., Ltd. Nanjing in May 2010 incorporated the business in 荷兰艾瑟尔 Lake hairy crabs imported. Pure Chinese hairy crabs brought back a hundred years. October 9, 2010 the first batch of crabs into the sample Into the Chinese market, causing huge market response crabs. IJsselmeer crabs come in September each year in April the supply, is expected to supply 500-1,000 kg per day.