The first IJsselmeer hot hairy crabs sold in Chinese market
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In recent years, affected by environmental pollution, the impact of overfishing, Shanghai Fisheries University, authentic Chinese hairy crabs, some experts say have disappeared, but also went looking for pure 荷兰艾瑟尔 Lake hairy crabs. This year in October, the first outside the crossing Pure crabs - crabs finally return to hometown IJsselmeer from the Nanjing Esther Lake Trading Co., Ltd. jointly with the Netherlands the introduction of local businesses in and around Nanjing, a market that had been plundered, its more healthy, pure , Wild, nature and environmental protection is becoming the new darling of five-star hotel, people visiting friends and relatives gifts of new options. It is reported that before the unlisted, Esther Lake Trading Co., Ltd. organized a five-star hotel in Nanjing and seafood restaurant chef, Gaochun crab farming and other professional sectors of the community to participate in food tasting activities in the trial, IJsselmeer crab Hypertrophy of the head, clean look, fresh meat were highly praised by everyone, try to eat after the event, Esther Lake Trading Co., Ltd. to be a flood of bookings, the first batch of samples has not been listed Jibei buy A blank. Esther Lake Trading Co., Ltd. Nanjing, responsible person, IJsselmeer hairy crabs are now more than 100 stores to the supplier, Nanjing, and Nanjing, the local five-star hotel also established supply chain and normal operation at supply 200 kg. Since the stock has been a large hotel consulting order matters, is to increase supply to meet growing demand for orders. Xinjiekou reporter visited a nearby store crabs found that compared to other species of crabs, IJsselmeer shell crab shell color clear, shiny, and was dark green, Crab "leg hair" profusion of vibrant . A customer Mr. Zhang told reporters: "The first time found that consumption of hairy crabs IJsselmeer color, flavor and shape not only the quality of its taste, and because of the wild breeding, eating more safe and secure. So today and bought a few boxes to the pro- Qi friend sent. "It is good quality guarantee, IJsselmeer this snowball effect with crabs, crabs quickly seized the Nanjing market. This reporter has learned IJsselmeer were all wild-caught crabs, not artificial feeding, thus avoiding the breeding process to the chemical may involve damage to the catch of crabs are more pure health. It is reported, the Netherlands Lan security very seriously on the export of aquatic products, crabs in the box before playing, the local health and quarantine departments have specialized personnel to inspect and issue health certificates and affixed in each case the green mark. With People the importance of food safety issues, it seems more and more into the wild environment of the highest standards of the time of purchase, which makes IJsselmeer crabs that entered the market because of health, environmental protection and take the absolute advantage. Quarter of the domestic supply of crabs is usually 10 months to December, eating crabs become a short-term seasonal enjoyment. Mid-November, the domestic supply of crabs has become increasingly close to the end of the quarter, while the crabs will IJsselmeer Continued supply to April 2011, which greatly extended the edible crab season, the market supply of crab season to fill the gaps. During the Spring Festival IJsselmeer regular supply of crabs to make up for the New Year without the U.S. regretted crab cuisine