Eat crabs too easily cause cholecystitis
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November is the best time to sigh crabs, crab meat and little seems small, but high in cholesterol, especially the delicious Crab particularly high cholesterol levels. Hypertension, hyperlipidemia may not work too hard to eat, in patients with gallstones may also control one's appetite. Them the living example of it! Record three-patient acute cholecystitis'll feel the hair crab Aunt eat crabs had to do was do something to her daughter's natural indispensable to filial piety, bought a few Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs honor mothers. Aunt breath once ate three, did not expect, to the middle of the night, they begin to upper abdominal pain, cold sweat. MD was diagnosed as acute cholecystitis attack, the typical symptoms of persistent upper abdominal pain, has been increasing, radiation to the back or shoulder, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Sun Yat-sen Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Professor Liu Chao explained that not all will cause people to eat crabs cholecystitis, was already suffering due to Aunt gallstones, acute cholecystitis is extremely easy to induce. Aunt himself wondering once, and usually without any discomfort, how have gallstones it? Diagnosed gallstones often latent Miss Yu Pan 80% of gallstone patients themselves not aware of any strange, but to judge how far has their own way from gallstones: cholesterol gallstone formation is the major cause of obesity, especially obese women, prone to gallstones. Chao explained: "Because fat lady high estrogen levels, usually associated with high cholesterol." Therefore, the fat ladies who have hyperlipidemia have to work too hard to eat crabs, kick the tires. Stimulation in a number of factors, will lead to acute cholecystitis and cholelithiasis, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis and therefore often appear together. Aunt who had once eaten a lot of high cholesterol foods, the gallbladder had to step up their efforts to strengthen the contraction of discharge bile to digest, go to this to a contraction of the gallstones are likely to have been pushed to the common bile duct or gallbladder tube, resulting in biliary obstruction. Biliary obstruction, bile can not flow, siltation in the gallbladder, bile continuously concentrated, excessive bile salt would undermine the gallbladder mucosa, causing inflammation. Gallstone only about 20% of patients had symptoms of abdominal pain, epigastric or right upper quadrant pain paroxysmal spasm, accompanied by gradual increase, often to the right shoulder and back radiation. Once the fat ladies is to have awareness of the symptoms up medical treatment. At present, cholecystectomy is the main method of treatment of gallbladder stones, but there are certain indications for surgery. Patients who are found to be suffering gallbladder stones, the views may wish to consult a physician to see if you can or need to Dong Daozi Paul bile. Gallstone patients with the most important is the daily diet, high cholesterol, high fat, high-fat, high sugar foods eat or not eat, so as not to induce cholecystitis or pancreatitis, and therefore, crabs such "high courage" food do not eat worth mentioning. A crab care to remind the share of total cholesterol for a day Delicious crabs appealing, but of cold and with high cholesterol. Chao reminded, in addition to hyperlipidemia, the gout patients, * 25120 * patients, skin disease, cardiovascular patients, hepatitis patients, pregnant women, weak digestion elderly and children, it is best not to eat crabs. Crabs are high cholesterol foods, the American Heart Association recommends consumption per person per day should not exceed 300 mg cholesterol, according to statistics, every 100 grams of crab paste contains 466 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams of crab meat contain cholesterol 65 mg. To healthy people, each eating a crab is almost total cholesterol intake of the weight of the day. The limit of the special fat people have to eat or not eat. Many people will extend their time eating other meat, seafood, shellfish and seafood products in the cholesterol content of animal organs fairly, which may result in excessive cholesterol, must not such a match. Cold crab properties of food, in cooking crabs may wish to put more points basil, ginger, pepper, dried tangerine peel, etc. Thermal condiments for seasoning. A cup of ginger tea after eating can also be cold solution.