Hairy lower sales compared to last year into two
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Careful planning more and more people live Hairy lower sales compared to last year into two Farmers market in the Chaoyang business do crabs endless Chen and his recent upset, November is peak season for hairy crabs, and peak sales, and now all eyes looking at December, the store has been selling well crabs. Despite the price pressure has a pressure again, but to very few people are still buying crabs. Yesterday, the reporter visited the Wuxi market found crabs, hairy crabs this year, sales decreased a lot compared to previous years, some stores have shot a loss hairy big sale banner. Aquaculture farmers market in the Chaoyang district, the reporter saw several crabs are desolate post-sale shop in front of the. See someone come up with the owner graciously welcome, "buy crab it can be cheaper." Shop owner said as he pointed to the side of the crab prices to reporters: 4 two halves of a male crab, the two halves of a 3 85 per pound female crabs; 3 two halves of a male crab, crab females 3 twenty-one 35 per pound. Then smaller crabs 20-30 per pound. "Do not look at high prices, has been a lot cheaper than October." Owner, said 10 months, 4 two halves of a male crab sold over a hundred dollars a pound, due to poor sales, more than a month, the price straight down by 20 plurality, but still not good crab sales. "In past years 11 months, sold nearly pounds of crabs a day this year, only half of previous years." The owner speculated that the crabs may be sold wholesale prices led to decline; the other hand, price increases are also members of the public reduced the enthusiasm to buy a lot of crabs. Subsequently, the reporter visited five stores loving the vicinity of a few crabs, crabs these stores overall sales were down compared to previous years, as about two, one shopkeeper told reporters, because sales is not good, now not only is the retail price down, even the wholesale price also fell 3-5 yuan.