High price of 199,000 yuan per table dinner in Hangzhou crabs are served abalo
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Although there from the New Year the past two months, the end of the year hit the consumer market has been opened. Recently, five-star hotel in Hangzhou, a top-level launch of 199,000 yuan luxury dinner table. According to information coming from the industry right now, the current year, which can be considered the most expensive dinner table. A reporter asked to see the New Year's menu, which can be summarized as follows: top dishes + wine + top top accommodation. According to reports, this dinner menu is the most bright: Need for eight networks Martin, Cordyceps wild turtle soup, red ginseng Ganguo Congxiang Japan, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, the East China Sea wild large yellow croaker, Ice stew Nest and so on. Is extravagant with drinks, including 15 years Maotai 2 bottles, one of the five Chateau Lafite 2004, 2 bottles of red wine. The price of 199,000 yuan, including a presidential suite. Reporter rough figured, this dinner meals to about 8800 yuan / place, where the price of abalone Need network reached 5,000 yuan / month. In addition to the hotel, Maotai cost about 10,800 yuan / bottle, the price of Lafite 2004, about 21,800 yuan / bottle, the presidential suite of about 15,000 yuan / sets of night. "199,000 yuan in the New Year, we arranged three tables, because only 3 sets of presidential suite," the hotel said. Reporter learned yesterday, now, some upscale hotels in Hangzhou price of most of the dinner is not released, according to last year's price is about 6,000 yuan / 10, 8,000 yuan / 10, 10,000 yuan / 10 these prices, the ingredients up, so this year than last year prices rose about 10%.