Miaoli, Taiwan fat hairy crab rampant local food sector debut
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"Autumn, the crab legs itch," Taiwan in recent years, many more fans of hairy crabs, the crabs are plump autumn, diners who are already in place, to the lake in Miaoli farm to see the Queen, the quality of the local crabs awesome! Crabs rampant food sector The Mid-Autumn Festival has been popular in barbecue, followed by the sky began to hot up a crab, crab thick paste, crab Crab is the most profound memory of the taste of diners. After the Mid-Autumn Festival every year, we eagerly look forward to the crabs will gradually mature into a so-called "umbilical group in September and October tip" refer to the female and male crabs of the characteristics of lunar first female crab Crab plump, October is plumpness male crab paste, a sweet plump crab meat only, full of delicious crab roe paste mean really suck memorable Delight! Therefore, since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn tasting crab season, there are many scholars of whom praised the author to write poetry, called for the pleasure of life now! There are many varieties of edible crabs, but the most famous hairy crabs. Crab is the "Chinese crab fluff", a large thick claws, is the largest characteristic hairy appearance, among which Jiangsu Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs produced by the most prestigious. In previous years, the mainland imported industry Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are gourmets who flock to Taiwan. Good texture Taiwanese crab With a high level of farming technology in Taiwan, Taiwan crab species from the environment to create improved health conditions not only good, only crabs produced more than just fresh cream, sweet aroma and meat quality is superb, the taste has even override the Yangcheng Lake above. Lake Township is located in the Lion Queen Lake hairy crabs farms, that many Shitulaoma will visit every place in autumn. Leader Wu Yude had engaged in real estate business, too like to eat crabs, so a few years ago began to study crab culture technology has now accumulated considerable popularity in the island, every autumn, will attract large numbers of customers come to buy, you can also The taste of crab feast. Wu Yude, said hairy crabs in order to successfully set up farms in Miaoli, he personally went to Suzhou enjoy every year, take the opportunity to visit a local farm to collect relevant knowledge, after 3 years of prior homework, farms began to put into operation. Wu Yude farms using organic techniques, do not use antibiotics, growth hormones and malachite green and other drugs, sent to the "Health Department" approved testing authority, a total of 17 drug residues through the test. The letter of the crab boss Wong-farm use of the lake near the mountain were introduced in the nineteenth as mountain spring water, not only good water quality, water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen are regulated just right, so that crabs in the most appropriate environment for growth. In addition to not use growth hormones, he also uses natural pumpkin, live shrimp, snail, saury and cereals, to feed, although the high cost and therefore, it makes the most natural hairy crabs, "the first good Zhuangzhuang" only only show totally huge size. Male crabs are crabs also have the characteristics of crab paste, which is the essence of taste crab, crab property cold, old people would come to taste the crab pot dispelling the occasion of the chrysanthemum wine, we should not eat too much breath. If you do not like the taste Zuojiu crab, add a little wine to restore balance to moderate, with basil leaves or ginger, but also help remove the smell with the cold. From a real estate agents, crabs gourmand's identity, to the present mouthful of crabs through the town day and crab husbandry, Wu Yude fun, you can say he is truly a "crab boss."