Taste crab mid-autumn
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The Olympic Games ended, also want to come immediately mid-autumn, do not know to smell the Yong Chuangjia accomplishment of Olympic Games good athlete, meet again the advent of day of the reunion that choose the home, crab of in relief settleclear lake also appeared on the market ahead of schedule, this crab boat prepared for everybody, the crab of in relief settleclear lake of all sorts of many specs, intended person but the incoming telegram is ordered!

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Crab bank name: Take boat of 100 gold crab
Crab village address: Cling to city the 2nd trade the market is in an area 80 numbers:
Contact: Ling Guojiang connects a telephone call: 57650302
Postcode: 212311 faxes:
Website address: Http:// E-mail:
Company introduction:
What this crab boat supplies for everybody is the crab of lake of authentic Yang Cheng that he breed, welcome you to sample, buy!