Crab full building begins to do business! !
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On August 28, 2008, crab full building begins to do business, welcome presence of new old customer:)
Connect a telephone call: 13906261800

Enterprise / individual information:

Crab bank name: Crab full building
Crab village address: Lights of home of settleclear lake fishing is in Ba Chengyang of elder brother hill area:
Contact: Qian Min connects a telephone call: 13906261800
Postcode: 215300 faxes: 57897676
Website address: Http:// E-mail:
Company introduction:
Crab full building is located in the in relief settleclear lakefront with pretty picture. Welcome all circles public figure all the year round Lai Yangcheng lake goes vacationing, offer eat, live, mosquito craft sightseeing and service of go angling one continuous line.
Wine shop is decorated luxurious, floor area amounts to 2000 much square metre, assembly room, hall and size balcony are set inside, offer close friends repast and banquet of of all kinds crab, large group to dine together.
Have aquiculture area to amount to 150 mus, teem with the crab of in relief settleclear lake of famed China and foreign countries. Its feature: Claw of green back, white abdomen, gold, Huang Mao, its flesh sweet, crab is tender.
Produce oneself all the year round sell shrimp of in relief settleclear lake, Bai Si oneself the of all kinds aquatic product such as screw of fish, Gui Yu, flat fish, green carapace.
Can taste savor place farmer to come loose all the year round the fowl such as local careless chicken, duck, goose and fresh farmhouse vegetables and fruits.