Crab of in relief settleclear lake " the group is bought mid-autumn "
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The group buys “ mid-autumn crab of lake of ” Yang Cheng, began to form a delegation now ……
Phone signing up: 0512-65446275

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Crab bank name: Net of gift of crab of settleclear lake of Suzhou this world
Crab village address: Settleclear lake of this world of the city zone of Suzhou city photograph presses down seat area:
Contact: Su Yang connects a telephone call: 051265446275
Postcode: 215001 faxes:
Website address: Http:// E-mail:
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Net of gift of crab of in relief settleclear lake is with selling Yang Cheng lake crab gift is given priority to, the website that holds aquatic product of special type of settleclear lake of battalion this world concurrently to wait.