Lake crab goes to Mai Yangcheng village of small introduced from the northern an
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Lake crab goes to Mai Yangcheng village of small introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad crab. This inn crab price is substantial, this inn offers deliver goods to come. This inn still has various Suzhou special local product.
Crab will be friendly, express feeling with crab, with crab beneficial wisdom, raise a body with crab!
The birthplace of crab, the culture of crab is in lake of my Yang Cheng east bank — cling to city!

Produce oneself sell oneself, the group is bought wholesale, do sth for sb to make work additionally, the price is reasonable-----, environmental protection of green of zoology of nature of crab of in relief settleclear lake breeds base < in village of my Xiaohu crab > .

Enterprise / individual information:

Real full name: Yang Xiaogui is in an area: Yang Cheng lake of city of elder brother hill
Contact an address: City of elder brother hill cling to road of civil rights of settleclear lake of town this world (field of big Shanghai golf) 2 kilometers connect a telephone call: 13584983877
QQ: 572645636 MSN:
Company introduction:
Of crab of in relief settleclear lake unique natural condition and situation place gift. In relief settleclear lake is to grow estuarine crab to migrate what big talk leaves the closest on the course is laky one of, surface exuberance of clear, aquatic, depth of water controls big, water quality 2 meters, natural condition is advantaged. Moreover, the big aquatic in the lake offerred those who abound to feed for the crab not only makings, also get its abdominal carapace burnish whiteness is too busy; And the hard clay end the lake provided good athletic place to the crab, make the crab takes exercise 4 sufficient solid and strong, the flesh is qualitative pleasant of more rich also flexibility, flavour is sweet. So, crab of in relief settleclear lake had the good name of the king ” in “ crab.
Sell a center originally, it is with “ person this, course of study is base, praise to predict, sincere the spirit of the ” that it is a letter, with “ deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient, innovate, service ” is criterion, with the brand (crab of in relief settleclear lake) to manage an end, with top-ranking establishment, top-ranking dimensions, high-class service, do well distribute. Should be believed by social all circles take become reconciled seriously to judge. Genuine hope and coact of new old client, obtain joint development, greeting bearer incoming telegram hangs down truly.