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Lotus island is an isle in in relief settleclear lake. The folkway on the island is honest, air is pure and fresh and delightful. It is water area breed aquatics does not have social effects of pollution the place of crab of lake of pure natural and authentic Yang Cheng.
Not only mosquito craft is received on the island send, appreciate view of in relief settleclear lake, can wear a boat more, experience the fun that zoology of pure a region of rivers and lakes swims. Can taste crab of lake of authentic Yang Cheng not only, still can the careless chicken that savor oneself raises, of the lake delicacy such as feral careless shrimp, feral ricefield eel, feral Gui Yu delicious. Because be to be produced oneself,sell oneself, the price is absolutely and so cheap.
Telephone number: 13962521206

Enterprise / individual information:

Crab bank name: Village of crab of happy Shuang Quan of farmhouse of island of lotus of in relief settleclear lake
Crab village address: Island of lotus of town of settleclear lake of this world of the city zone of Suzhou city photograph is in an area one number:
Contact: Gao Yunquan connects a telephone call: 13962521206
Postcode: 215141 faxes:
Website address: Http:// E-mail: Gyqwhfwjy
Company introduction:
This inn is located in the islands in beautiful in relief settleclear lake- - lotus island. Collect travels, go sightseeing, go vacationing, recreational at an organic whole. Take you to appreciate view of nature of in relief settleclear lake, breathe field fresh air. Have the seasonal crab that sells oneself breed aquatics, feral lake shrimp, gui Yu, whitefish, bream, the lake delicacy such as screw reachs home town careless chicken. . . . Welcome village of smooth copy of each new old friend!

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